Quary can be installed in two ways. Both methods are equally valid but have slightly different purposes. The Visual Studio Code extension provides a more integrated experience and is suited to developing models with features aimed at that. The CLI tool provides slightly more control and is more suitable for tasks like Continuous Integration. If you are starting out, we recommend looking at the Visual Studio Code extension.

Visual Studio Code Extension

The Visual Studio Code extension can be installed by:

Once installed, you can use the extension by opening the command palette and typing Quary. This will show you all the commands available to you. Once you select one, Quary will require you to sign in.

Command Line Interface Tool

To install the CLI tool, you must first install go to the public GitHub repository and download the latest release for your operating system. Once downloaded and placed within your path, it can be used with quary from the command line.

For Mac users, quary may be installed with homebrew by running the following:

brew install quarylabs/quary/quary